New downloads server!


Can we get something for real tho? I mean, just kidding…

I have 55gb in dropbox I really don’t want to lose because of an excessive bandwidth use (not like we’ll get to that, ever) so I present you our new download server provided by (and payed to) our friends from shiroisora fansubs! (pay them a visit and like them on facebook if you want HQ anime releases in Spanish~)

What exciting features come from using this new server? Well, there’s no download speed limit, the files last for as long as we want (because I replace the magazine files with the volume link when that is ready,) there’s no registration needed and it’s free for you!

This will be mainly used for our Saintia Sho releases (unless I decide to upload something else, like ND, but I doubt it) and as of now, stages 28 and 29 are already uploaded. We’ll update the server with the newest releases as soon as we announce their release on the page, and for your easy access you can just click on the “Downloads” text in every post to start the download immediately.

If you like the server, please consider donating to keep it online through the “Donations” tab on top of the page, or if you’d like to, just by buying something for us from our wishlist, which you can access in the submenu of the same tab.

Monthly donations to buy the magazines

High Noon.mp4_snapshot_01.08.11_[2015.11.30_23.14.43]

Marshall Kane seems appropiate for this post because yolo he isn’t NSFW

As I’ve said many times now, we do buy our raws for Saintia Sho, be it by buying the magazines, the chapters or the volumes. In the long run, this adds up to more than I can cover with a single college-student scholarship
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