ND parts 55-57 released!

Well, some of you might be wondering why we haven’t updated this blog in ages, but as you may (or may not) see, our blog got dmca’d a while ago and I just couldn’t bother to fix that xD
Anyway, I’ll be dropping update posts from time to time just to let you know we’re releasing stuff, however, if you want to have instant notifications of our releases, you can follow our tumblr or facebook page.
In any case, here’s the links for the latest ND chapters we released:

ND part 54 released!

No way, we’re releasing ND again!? No download for this one tho, sadly o n o
But volume 7 is complete in English! Now moving on to volume 8~

A quick announcement! We’re now in Patreon! If you’d like to help us buy raws and volumes you can check our patreon :D!


And a friend of ours, who is also working on Episode G, could use some support as well, so please check him out too~


part 54 The Evil Temple

Triple release! parts 72-74~

This was not quick to do at all, but on the bright side these definitely look better than the previous 3 releases xD Continue reading

You got to be kidding!? part 71 out~

01.pngYeah, well, this was quick to do, just went out for a few days… but yeah, Sho will still take a while xD

But there’s no chapter this week because New Year’s double issue from last week… (right) so I might as well work on stage 10… maybe, I dunno.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for help or I’m cancelling this release (which at best has like 7 chapters left, if not less, I don’t remember how many chapter per volume ND has.)

EDIT. It now has the missing last page

part 71 Mystoria

again!? Next Dimension part 70~

01.png Well, there you go. Since I haven’t been contacted with help to typeset or redraw the future chapters of this batch, as of now this will be our last ND release before we go back to our usual releases of Saintia Sho. There’s no chapter till next week tho, so if you want to help me release, you can still contact us on facebook.

part 70 Samael’s Poison

WTH? Next Dimension part 69~

02Well, ultimately this is just a test to see if we can put together a team to release the current batch of ND chapters in English (because my team for Sho is just me and taichara and I get ND raws too). Of course, if there’s no support I will stop scanlating this xD

Anyway, here you go~ Be nice, cleaning this manga is hard (stupid grayscale). Also, no download for this, sorry.

part 69 Proof as a Leo


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