Monthly donations to buy the magazines

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Marshall Kane seems appropiate for this post because yolo he isn’t NSFW

As I’ve said many times now, we do buy our raws for Saintia Sho, be it by buying the magazines, the chapters or the volumes. In the long run, this adds up to more than I can cover with a single college-student scholarship

so I humbly ask you to help us (if you can) to cover the monthly quota of 24 USD required to buy one magazine or one volume. You can do so through the donations tab you can find on top of the page (or just by clicking here.) Every little helps!

If you want, you can also take a look at this wishlist and pick something from it for us. We’ll be very grateful for any of these items~

Alternatively, as always, we are also open to anyone interested in helping typeset, clean and redraws chapters, so just leave us a message on fb if you’re interested~

Please consider this so we can keep releasing Saintia Sho with the best possible quality, and thank you in advance :D!


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